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How to buy the right equipment for your adventure sports activity?

Buying equipments like Ozone Firefly need expertise and skill. You need to make sure that you buy the item from an online store that is reputed for selling adventure sports gear. This is because they deal in high quality items. If the quality is not good, the equipment will not last long and you will end up purchasing another one.

When you are buying specialized equipments for your adventure sports, you need to be extremely careful about what you are purchasing. The market is full of different types of sports gears – some are for the beginners, some for the mid level experts while some are for the professionals. You need to buy the gear as per your need. If you are a beginner in kite surfing and buy the Kite surfing Gear for professionals you will not be able to manage it. This gear comes with many advanced features and options that only an expert will be able to deal with. In your case using an advanced gear might lead to hazards and even accidents. 

Buying equipments like Ozone Firefly need expertise and skill. You need to make sure that you buy the item from an online store that is reputed for selling adventure sports gear. This is because they deal in high quality items. If the quality is not good, the equipment will not last long and you will end up purchasing another one. There is no point in spending money over a similar item twice. In adventure sports it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the product. After all, your life and death depends on it. When you placing the item make sure to check out all the aspects of the product. It should be strong, sturdy, portable, lightweight and should not corrode easily. 

If you are a seasoned paraglider you already know what to low for in your gear. We don’t need to tell you much but if you are one of the Paragliders who has just started paragliding on your own, you need to make sure that you check out the equipments carefully before purchasing it. It is better to pay more and buy quality stuff rather than opting for a cheap item and putting your life in jeopardy. You can check out all those videos in YouTube that highlights the items, its features and also compares between similar stuffs available. Check out their review to make a list of the popular items that you should invest in.

You can also ask your instructor to mention the paragliding equipment that you need to buy. Ask him to recommend the store from where you should buy it. We suggest that you seek your instructor’s opinion. As he is a seasoned adventure sports lover, he knows which Kite surfing Gear items are good and which items to be avoided. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the different types of adventure sports Kite surfing Gear today. Buy the one that you need. Check out the demo videos on YouTube regarding how to use them. Follow the instructions and you will know how to use it within few days. Adventure sports have really caught on in the last few years and more and more people are investing in high quality Kite surfing Gear to make their experience a safe and secured one. Why don’t you do the same? Let us know about your experience.

How to Explore a Destination with Electric Mountain Bikes

Are you an adventure lover? Do you love to explore every nook and corner of any destination that you visit? What is the mode of transport that you rely on? Bus, taxi and metro cannot take you to the remotest corners of the city. What do you do then? For us, we rely on Electric Mountain Bikes. They are stylish to look at, are environmental friendly and can sustain any kind of terrain. No matter how rough the roads are the mountain bikes are very useful. They help you to climb up and climb down in the easiest way possible. You can take this bike and travel to any part of the city without any kind of hassle. Jus make sure that the battery is charged fully. One popular variety of mountain bikes is the Haibike. This bike is quite popular amongst the adventure seekers because it is sturdy, durable and lightweight. You will not face any kind of difficulty in carrying it as part of your luggage no matter wherever you travel.

Once you reach the mountaintop, why don’t you try paragliding? If you don’t know how to do so, you can always learn to Paraglide. The instructors out there will give you a basic training so that you know how to wear the paragliding suit and how to position your body once you are in the air. Don’t worry; there will be an instructor who will accompany you so that you experience paragliding in the most effective manner. For any adventure lover, there are so many things to try out. There is no limit – you can opt for paragliding, bungee jumping, river rafting, kayaking and so on. As far as the mountain bikes are concerned, there are many stores that sell them. If you are not sure where to look for then you can always check out the online stores. You will find the latest collection and the most advanced version of the bike. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order today. 

If you have not tried online shopping so far then don’t you worry at all! Online shopping is the easiest way to shop and that too from the comforts of your home. You don’t need to step out and sweat in this grimy weather. Just browse through the collections, select the mountain bike that you like and would love to own. Add it to the shopping cart and proceed for payment. You can either opt for online payment or you can opt for cash on delivery as well. Within 7 to 10 days of order placement, the store will deliver the bike at the address shared. Many people are opting for online shopping as it is easy, hassle free and time saving. Why don’t you try it out today? Let us know which bike your bought, your experience of riding it as well as your experience of online shopping in the comments section. Feel free to share your opinions with us.

Some important things to consider before paragliding

Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Well, now you can fulfil your dreams with the sport of paragliding. It is competitive and also a recreational sport, which has gained enough recognition all over the world. In respect to other adventure sports, paragliding is quite safe and simple to hone. Here we would describe specific things that novices should remember before participating in this sport.
Things that paragliders should do:
1. Knowledge about sport: Before enjoying the exhilarating experience associated with s extreme sport, you should gather substantial knowledge about the sport itself. It is vital to have an instructor, who would give you the required knowledge about this sport or Ozone firefly.
2. Good realization about the gear: You should understand that success in paragliding lies in the equipment. Therefore, you should know every facet of the gear that you are utilizing. This is possibly the most vital part of your training. 
3. Have sound training: You can’t expect to have an incredible flight if you don’t have the ideal option.  One could just paraglide successfully if they undertake proper training. Along with competency, you should also have a positive attitude. It is vital to listen to your instructor and keep the advice in our mind.
4. Realize the age limit: Finally, it is vital to know about the age limitation of the sport. You can’t be permitted to go for an independent flight if you are 18 years or above. People below that age should or learn to paraglide and that will certainly prove to be beneficial for them. It is one of the popular sports, which have allowed the person to look for places that can never be carried out on foot.

Selecting between different kinds of Ozone kites

One of the fundamental things to consider while looking for kitesurfing is the appropriate selection of the equipment which will be used, which may be a power kite. There are two main types of Ozone kites available in the market these days. As more and more people start showing interest in this sport simultaneously, the requirement for proper training and required instructions regarding the option you choose becomes very important.

For kites and also the inflatable ones, are just because they are both made of nylon, although the differences in making and price might have a stronger impact on the decisions of the consumer. In respect to the popular notion that the inflatable ones are superior than the foil ones, the former paragliding equipment looks much like the kites utilized in kiteboarding.

The inflatable ozone kites, usually, are popular among the professional kitesurfers that is more intriguing to construct and are mostly made like a kiteboarding kite. It is quite common to face this kind of issues if you are new as a kitesurfer. Owever, it may cost a bit more than the foil type and it is also difficult to set up.

Fundamentally, all you have to do is to be realistic in selecting the appropriate type of Cloud 9 for you. If you simply want to practice kitesurfing anyhow, then you can utilize a second hand kite. You may look for these products in a second hand store, but mindfully look for defects and damages. Book the expensive ones when you have finally committed to the sport. Spend wisely on the ideal kite within your budget.      

The experience of riding a Haibike

The transition made by the electric motors is the future. Believe it or not, the Haibike is the next big thing. The electric mountain bike is no longer a strange, peculiar, and frequently failed combination of bicycle and motor.

The bike completely falls under the category of electric mountain bikes, which generally comprises of a motor. It is complete with all the attributes, like air fork and shock, hydraulic bikes, 650b wheels and tubeless ready.


Although I was sceptical just like my first ride out to learn to paraglide, I rode from the trailhead to the very first waypoint, without any kind of motor help. I pedalled the bike through steep hills, along with aggressive terrain, just like any regular mountain bike.

The suspension was compliant, predictable and plush. It also offers a perfect weight balance. The best thing was that once acclimated, it doesn’t feel sluggish or heavy. The gearing is also better. Honestly, it is not as fast and flick able as my reliable, full suspension and carbon racer.

With 180 rear and 203 front rotors, there is sufficient braking power. I was concerned about the additional weight. Being mindful, after a precise long journey, I stopped to check the hydraulic brake callipers. They were just warm. I   never felt any kind of softness as they crossed the downhill. I anticipated some kind of packing of the front fork while braking, if the additional weight and the big front colour. However, it comes with an incredible small bump compliance and incredible adjustability on the rebound. Simultaneously, the Fox Float rear was never spongy and was never out of demand. I am quite sure you will love it.


We Are the Nation's Largest Paragliding Institute We Also Gave Weekly Training

Paragliding is a fun, exciting and relatively easy way to the feeling of flying likes a bird. An inflatable wing and harness are used to experience this free form of flying. You simply lay out a wing on a hillside or mountain, inflate it over your head like a kite, run a few steps and before you know it you've stepped off into the sky.
Paragliding is an adventurous activity that is full of fun. You can enjoy the sport by using a aircraft. When not in use, the complete paragliding equipments can be packed in a backpack. Paragliders do not have any fixed formation, but when the internal pressure is built in the wings, it takes the final shape. The complete weight of the machines is supported by the paragliding lines.

Learn To Paraglide:
Paragliding is a competitive as well as recreational extreme sport, which has gained extensive recognition all across the globe. Like the other adventure sports, paragliding is comparatively safe and easy to master. Before you Learn To Paraglide there are certain things that beginners must keep in mind before they take part.
•    Know about the sports
•    Good understanding about the gear
•    Have a proper training
•    Keep an eye on the weather
•    Understanding the Age-bar

Kitesurfing Gear:
Depending on the type of Kitesurfing that you have, there are three different kinds on safety release systems. Kite Surfing Gear is very important because it influences your safety while practicing this sport. The inflatable system and the foil system, allow you to operate them when you are conscious. The dead-man safety devices are useful because it is enabled if you happen to become unconscious.


Speed flying- something that thrills us!

We all have dreamt of flying at some point of our life. People dream this by looking at a fighter pilot plane or a bird. It is an innate human desire to move around the sky freely and getting down when you want. For most people, it always remains a dream. Many people are just scared of it, which is quite normal to ground based mammals like us.

To quickly give you a scenario to make it clear what precisely speed flying is, just think about grabbing a bed sheet, packing it in a small bag, climbing a mountain you prefer, unfolding the bed sheet at the top, then lightly holding on to the sheet, as you run through the edge of the mountain and start flying like a bird at a high speed through the ground and across the sky.

At this moment, I have possibly given a clear picture of this new activity before you, and simultaneously permitted the faint hearted people a chance to quickly understand that this is not something for them, and if they want they can stop thinking about a kite surfing gear and start doing something more meaningful to them.

Well, now I am going to get into all the technical details to make you learn to paraglide. At this position, just like any kind of flying experience, it is all about the wing. The reason I utilized the bed sheet instance is because of its size. You may think that it is not possible to fly with a bed sheet. Then you are just getting started. It is the most portable type of ground based flying experience, which is certainly an incredible flying activity, but more dangerous and costly.

Ozone kites and the fundamentals of flying

Are you interested in flying ozone kites? This type of sport has been garnering quite attention these days, and there are reasons behind it. It blends the outdoor adventure of different sports but not the intensity. You don’t have to be a top class athlete to move a kite. The strength of your upper body and your sense of balance will take you to places you won’t even imagine.

Buy your very first kite

Ozone kites are extremely in demand for both the beginner and experienced flyers. It is because it is quite simple to control and handle with respect to other types of kites. Thousands of kites are created in Europe every year so if you don’t stay near this continent, it might be a good idea to buy your kites online.

The big picture

Now before you start dreaming about flying, you should take a good look at your new kite. In spite of the various brands available, most of these kites come with the same attributes. Keep aside some time to analyze your flying equipment and go though the instruction manual. This will assist you to realize your gear before launching it. After you are done, mindfully lay the kite lines after taking them out.

Safe landing

Although you enjoy watching the ozone paragliders, you will have to land sooner or later. Before anything else, choose a favorable spot that looks safe for you to land. Don’t select a land that might be too dangerous. A water body will be fine, if you know how to swim. A sandy beach or an open field might also be good options. When you feel you are ready to hit the ground, go for the bottom of the kite handles; be ready to get down slowly.

What to wear for kite surfing?

For kite surfing you need the right kind of Kite surfing Gear and Ozone Firefly. Know what to wear and what to avoid.

One of the most important things that form part of Kite surfing Gear is the dress code. Many people in their excitement to kite surf often forget to concentrate on what to wear. Regular beachwear is not enough. You need proper attire. Today we are going to discuss what you should wear and what you should avoid at all costs:

What to Wear?

•    It is important to keep in mind that you are going to be exposed to the cold, the sun, chilly winds and cold waters. Thus you need to be dressed accordingly. If you are kite surfing in remote areas then wear bright clothes so that you can be seen from far.
•    If you are kite surfing in a warm location like Hawaii, then you need to wear bathing suit, covered with board shorts, and a rash guard.
•    Opt for kiting pants as they have shin-high cuffs that offer protection from injuries and sudden crash landing.
•    Wear lycra shorts under board shorts so that your sensitive pats don’t get scratched from safety harness.
•    Wear a helmet if you want your head to be protected. It is a must.
•    Wearing life jackets is also highly recommended.

What Not To Wear?

• Avoid loose clothing by all means. They will make you uncomfortable when you are high up in the air. Your clothes will get boated when they come in contact with sudden gush of air making it difficult to enjoy your kite surfing.

• Avoid light colored clothing because it becomes it difficult to locate. In case you lose direction and fall in some unknown place no one will be able to locate you easily.

Before you go ahead and try out Ozone Firefly make sure to locate a shop where they sell proper Kite surfing Gear. You need to buy the entire essential required along with the right kite surfing suit.


Meet the Latest Add Up in Paragliding Family & About Haibike

It is a natural human desire to slip the surly bonds of Earth and move about the sky freely, climbing and descending at will. For most of us, it remains simply a dream. Many individuals are just plain afraid of it, which is a normal reaction to something that we ground -based mammals were simply not designed to do. But there are many others that are drawn to the sky and would give anything to learn to fly, however the largest obstacle of cost is enough to all but shatter that dream. A new form of aviation that happens to be one of the most exciting and yet costs less than golf called Speed Flying. No longer is an electric mountain bike an unusual, awkward, and often failed, combination of motor and bicycle.

Speed Flying:

Although the terms Paragliding and Parasailing are commonly mixed up, most people have an idea of what the two sports look like. As a quick refresher, paragliding is the act of non-powered, foot launched flight (not being towed behind a boat). To make things even more confusing, now there is a new sport thrown into the mix. It's called Speed Flying, and as of the time of this writing, most people will have no idea what this is. So let's shed some light on the subject and compare this sport to the more commonly known paragliding.

About Haibike:

The bike is absolutely a pure mountain bike, which happens to have a motor. Haibike is complete with all current features, such as hydraulic brakes, air fork and shock, tubeless ready and 650b wheels. The bike pedaled up and down hills, handled even aggressive terrain, just like my regular mountain bike. The suspension was plush, predictable and compliant. The weight balance is perfect. The biggest surprise was that, once acclimated, it did not feel heavy or sluggish. The gearing was more than adequate.


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