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How to buy the right equipment for your adventure sports activity?

Buying equipments like Ozone Firefly need expertise and skill. You need to make sure that you buy the item from an online store that is reputed for selling adventure sports gear. This is because they deal in high quality items. If the quality is not good, the equipment will not last long and you wil…

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How to Explore a Destination with Electric Mountain Bikes

Are you an adventure lover? Do you love to explore every nook and corner of any destination that you visit? What is the mode of transport that you rely on? Bus, taxi and metro cannot take you to the remotest corners of the city. What do you do then? For us, we rely on Electric Mountain Bikes. They a…

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Some important things to consider before paragliding

Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Well, now you can fulfil your dreams with the sport of paragliding. It is competitive and also a recreational sport, which has gained enough recognition all over the world. In respect to other adventure sports, paragliding is quite safe and simple to hone.…

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Selecting between different kinds of Ozone kites

One of the fundamental things to consider while looking for kitesurfing is the appropriate selection of the equipment which will be used, which may be a power kite. There are two main types of Ozone kites available in the market these days. As more and more people start showing interest in this spor…

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The experience of riding a Haibike

The transition made by the electric motors is the future. Believe it or not, the Haibike is the next big thing. The electric mountain bike is no longer a strange, peculiar, and frequently failed combination of bicycle and motor.

The bike completely falls under the category of electric mountain bi…

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We Are the Nation's Largest Paragliding Institute We Also Gave Weekly Training

Paragliding is a fun, exciting and relatively easy way to the feeling of flying likes a bird. An inflatable wing and harness are used to experience this free form of flying. You simply lay out a wing on a hillside or mountain, inflate it over your head like a kite, run a few steps and before you kno…

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Speed flying- something that thrills us!

We all have dreamt of flying at some point of our life. People dream this by looking at a fighter pilot plane or a bird. It is an innate human desire to move around the sky freely and getting down when you want. For most people, it always remains a dream. Many people are just scared of it, which is …

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Ozone kites and the fundamentals of flying

Are you interested in flying ozone kites? This type of sport has been garnering quite attention these days, and there are reasons behind it. It blends the outdoor adventure of different sports but not the intensity. You don’t have to be a top class athlete to move a kite. The strength of your upper …

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What to wear for kite surfing?

For kite surfing you need the right kind of Kite surfing Gear and Ozone Firefly. Know what to wear and what to avoid.

One of the most important things that form part of Kite surfing Gear is the dress code. Many people in their excitement to kite surf often forget to concentrate on what to wear. R…

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Meet the Latest Add Up in Paragliding Family & About Haibike

It is a natural human desire to slip the surly bonds of Earth and move about the sky freely, climbing and descending at will. For most of us, it remains simply a dream. Many individuals are just plain afraid of it, which is a normal reaction to something that we ground -based mammals were simply not…

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The fundamental aspect of a kitesurfing gear

Kitesurfing is an activity of summer that has gained immense popularity over the past few decades. It is basically a sport that blends the aspects of wakeboarding and paragliding to make a completely new activity for those that bask a good adrenaline rush, and you can actually practice it wherever y…

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Description of Reason to Consider Paragliding & Its Safety

Human's never-ending expedition for conquering sky has led them to invent airplanes, aircraft and Paragliders. The air vehicles haven't only expedited communication but also satisfied our inherent greed of flying. However, the thought of flying alone, freely has always tempted man and the result is …

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Some basic ideas about kitesurfing gear

More and more people are searching online for appropriate kitesurfing gear as they have a fascination for the sport. They have noticed others skimming over the water surface, being towed by a string with a kite at the other end, and just want to try the sport on their own. If there is any kind of ad…

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Know the Features of Electric Mountain Bikes & Basics of Kite Surfing

If you are doing any trail riding, then the Electric Mountain Bikes are great for getting up that additional steep hill or going longer distances. Because the electric motor works to support you as your pedal, you can still be in complete control of the bike, without feeling like you are just along …

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Prepare Yourself for Flying with Proper Safety

Paragliding is a fun, exciting and relatively easy way to the feeling of flying likes a bird. If you are a beginner, you should consult with an instructor. And, if the place is Utah, the Salt Lake City there are very experienced trainer are available. They can help you in your enjoyment. Besides all…

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